There is a deep sense of social duty and civic engagement at the heart of our firm. In our opinion, we are in a position to aid the less fortunate and possess the resources to see this mission through. Because of this, we’ve established a charitable trust known as Merito Charitable Trust to raise donation fund & coordinate various charitable initiatives year-round. These include providing aid to shelters for the elderly & young, distributing free books & stationery to those in need, & providing free medical service, to name just a few.


Education plays an essential part in one’s life. It transforms a person to live a better life and also increases the social well-being. KCD group always gives stress on education of an individual. The company has been involved in the promotion of education in different parts of the Mumbai. They had distributed stationery items such as notebooks and pens etc. in the slums of the city. The company also sponsored a different scholarship program to give monetary assistance to the students to complete their academic career.


The benefits of being healthy are almost innumerable. The company promotes healthy living and a disciplined life.

  • Health check-up camps
  • Blood donation camps
  • Free ambulance services


An environment is the individual’s entire life system. The environment in which we live provides us the entire essential element which is necessary for our survival. KCD group always consider completing their project with lowest possible impact on the environment. The company is engaged in tree plantation near all its projects. We also organized various environment conservation campaigns to spread awareness to conserve the environment. We also work in synergy with government scheme of Swach Bharat Mission to remove garbage in the city.